EmpowerPloy is an online system designed to give ordinary people and businesses employment and empowerment opportunities indiscriminately. Through our platform, big businesses are also presented with the capacity, opportunity and freedom to employ and/or empower at free will.

EmpowerPloy gives job seekers the opportunity to create online profiles that replace the traditional CV entirely. These profiles are then made available to employers who are looking for individuals with specific skills and professions. In addition, larger businesses are given space to empower smaller businesses in a manner that is free of undue pressure.

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  • Improve your chances of employment by up to 99%
  • Have an online profile instead of a hand-held CV
  • No more door to door knocking or standing in long queues
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  • Access to markets and business opportunities
  • Access to a pool of jobseekers
  • Update your online profile whenever
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  • Access to thousands of small businesses, service providers and jobseekers
  • No more tenders and complicated procurement systems

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