In May 2019, we were mandated by Mall of Thembisa to conduct Public Participation Meetings within the Greater Thembisa area in which the primary objective was to introduce the community of Thembisa to Mall of Thembisa and how Employment and Empowerment would be executed through Pheme Consulting and EmpowerPloy®.

We presented to over 11000 members of the community and engaged with numerous community representative organizations. The work we did was so much appreciated by the community that they were giving us thumps up and stand ovations in all our meetings.

In August 2018, Pheme Consulting was appointed as the Community Liaison Partner to
Mall of Thembisa. This became our biggest project to date valued at R850mil and involving
a community of over 2.2 mil.

Our mandate was to ensure that Mall of Thembisa employs local people and empowers
local businesses indiscriminately and impartially. In the midst of the rampant hostile takeovers
in the construction sector, we have managed to fulfill this mandate so excellently
that Mall of Thembisa will be opening on the 20th November and we have not had a single

Our KPI’s included daily reports and statistics of employment and empowerment, data
collection and direct communication between the community and the developers. It was
at this point that we developed EmpowerPloy®. EmpowerPloy® is an online employment
and empowerment portal.
Through the introduction of this portal, we have managed to collect by end of May 2020,
3760 businesses and almost 16000 jobseekers.
This is a clear indication of our ability to manage small scale to large scale projects.